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SAT Language Instruction 

All language instruction will be in the hands of a career professor who currently works at an R1 University. His PhD granting institution is consistently ranked in the top 10 programs in the country. He has over 20 years of teaching experience, and was awarded a teaching pedagogy award at the college level after only 1 year. The award was given to only one out of over 150 teachers in the department. In addition, he has been published in peer reviewed journals, achieved perfect scores, and has attended top conferences in his field. The year he earned perfect scores on the GRE, over 700,000 people sat for the exam, with only 5,000-7,000 people in the U.S. earning a perfect score. He has always had a passion for standardized tests and how they can be life changing. 

SAT Math 

Dr. Marquez received his PhD at the University of California, San Diego in Structural Engineering and has taught at UCSD as well as worked in private practice. Dr. Marquez  has presented at various conferences such as the World Conference of Earthquake Engineering showcasing his research in Seismic Base Isolation. Dr. Marquez has obtained the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) which is one of the most prestigious national fellowships. With various conference research, teaching at the R1 University level, and achieving the highest fellowship distinctions in his field, he has shown the ability to provide students at GTP with the tools he learned throughout his career for succeeding in Mathematics.

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Crafting a successful application for college is an art and a science. It is like assembling  a complex puzzle, creating a beautiful mosaic, or painstakingly engineering a building that may be an impressive whole but is comprised of countless parts. It takes complementary skill sets, a balanced vision, and access to experts who possess these 

          complementary skill sets. Gateway Test Prep is anchored by the two owners who 

          have spent their lives honing these opposing skill sets, and together we can help 

          you build the application that opens countless doors. One strength is not sufficient.

          Having excellent test scores but weak essays with no vision is not going to move 

                    an admissions committee. Having excellent extra curriculars without any 

                    objective evidence of your intellectual acumen is not going to serve you

                                          during this complex process. We can help you navigate this 

                                           complexity because we have already travelled the path and 

                                                   found our way through this often daunting process. We

                                                    don't want this process to feel daunting for you; we want

                                                            it to be invigorating. We want it to feel like the 

                                                             triumphant experience it can and should be for 

                                                              you. The admissions process is not always fair, and

                                                              just like many spheres of life it is marked by a 

                                                              measure of inequity. But the owners and founders

                                                              of GTP are proud of our own efforts to achieve 

                                                              within the bounds of this system, and achieve

                                                              with a sense of purpose and drive. Our purpose 

                                                              now is to widen the circle, and through hard work

                                                                       create a ripple of success that reaches you. 

                                                                                 As you reach your own success, you 

                                                                                         will find passion, purpose, and                                                                                                                                        freedom.



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It takes grit to earn a 99th percentile score. The public discourse on standardized tests increasingly minimizes and diminishes their importance, but public discourse does not dictate what happens behind closed doors in the admissions office. Universities still need common measures because it is impossible to compare students from completely different academic backgrounds without a universal metric. We have experienced first hand what top scores can do. We have been recruited by the finest PhD programs in the country. We have won top national fellowships. We have forged successful careers inside academia and the private sector. All of these accomplishments began with beating the admissions game, and that game starts with a standardized test. 

We don't believe these test are perfect measures by any means. They are not. But they are the measures currently used, and you have to accept the rules of the game to play aggressively and successfully. The owners at GTP love test prep because the process is about so much more than just achieving a number or score. It is about mastering a process of learning, and through that process you learn to master yourself. That trust in your own ability to learn, set goals and meet them, and pursue a path of excellence is profoundly uplifting and transcends the utility of any test.

We were able to open the door to amazing opportunities, and we want that for you, too. While some denigrate the SAT and undermine its importance, we believe that even with all its flaws, it offers a unique opportunity to develop gumption and surprise yourself on the way to a future full of purpose, opportunity, and the freedom to make career choices that will fulfill your potential. 

If you have any questions for the instructors, feel free to ask us about SAT technique or the courses we offer any time!

Thanks for submitting your question! We will be in touch soon.

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