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The Free SAT Class: 

You Need to See the Difference 

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20 years of

Experience and Excellence

We know what it takes.

We routinely hold free classes so you can meet the two owners of Gateway Test Prep, observe our teaching, and ask us any questions you might have.

We have PhDs from top 10 schools, have achieved perfect scores, and you need to see how our methods will give you the results that will create the future you deserve. 

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Open Book

The Free Class Agenda 

We will use 1 full hour to offer insight and coverage for all sections of the exam. The co-owners of GTP will be hosting this free class and will offer insight into the Reading, Writing, and Math sections.

We will auction off a $50 Amazon card at the end of class. The SAT is critical; we want to help motivate you and crystalize the idea that even one hour of study really is valuable and worth your earnest attention.

We will address current SAT discourse and the role of the exam in the admissions process. There is so much confusion and uncertainty about admissions; we are here to offer clarity and context.

We will also have a question and answer session at the end of the free class. We are happy to spend time answering content inquiries as well as questions about our services, classes, and methods.

They Say:
Complete the questions in reverse order from  easiest to hardest! 

What We offer

Instead of gimmicks, we offer a logical system of thinking that operates on 12 specific reading "cues" which collectively constitute the most common features of the language the test writers use to make the answers technically objective. This system of logical thinking has been perfected using 20 years of experience and will increase your accuracy, pacing, and confidence. 

The Math Section

In the free class, the owner, founder, and top 10 PhD will teach you why each equation is used. It is critical to understand the 'why' in order to execute the technique consistently. We will review the toughest questions on the SAT and demonstrate the process for simplifying each problem. We will also teach fundamental techniques that show not how to approach one problem or one exam, but will work on every exam.

They  Say :
Just use this equation!

They  Say :
If you just read the questions first you will  get them all right!

The Competition

Many test prep "gurus" provide short cuts that are actually destructive to your results, and some even encourage students to completely skip reading the passage on the reading portion of the exam. We have had to help countless students unlearn these "methods" that have literally no data to support their efficacy. Interestingly enough, many companies also insist that their tutors should not have to read an exam to be able to teach it. This is ludicrous.

The Reading Section

During the free class, we will introduce you to  one of  Gateway Test Prep's most important tools: the 12 cue logic system for the Reading section. Testing advice for this portion of the exam is notoriously weak, contradictory, and ill informed. 

They Say:
Just skip the passage altogether!

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