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When you call other test prep companies, it is essential that you ask the right questions  to discern the structure of the business and the quality of the services they offer. Services vary wildly in quality, but that is typically unclear during the onboarding process.


Will you ever get to speak to the owners themselves? Or just a sales person who has never taught in a college classroom or earned a perfect score on a standardized test? It is key that you know who you are talking to. You should always have access to the owners who control the company.


What are the exact credentials of those who will be tutoring your son or daughter? Will their tutor change from week to week? Is your tutor even paid for preparation time? If not, this means they will never prepare for class and are simply showing up and improvising answers which are imprecise.


Will you have access to data that monitors the progress from week to week and month to month? Most tutoring services simply review that week's exam without situating that performance in a larger trajectory of improvement. Lacking long term perspective will always inhibit growth.


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