The recent dialogue on shifting admissions requirements and where the SAT exam fits into admissions decisions can be confounding.


Let us help. 

The SAT does not measure intelligence, and many of its questions are designed to deceive. But it is powerfully correlated with long-term income, admissions decisions, scholarship opportunities, and a myriad of other opportunities you want access to.

At Gateway Test Prep, we fully lean into this paradox that the exam is meaningless and very meaningful at the same time. The skills that it tests can be taught, but not all these skills are taught in school. Even though the material on the exam is rooted in high school curricula, it is framed and shaped in unique ways that must be grasped to improve scores drastically. And such dramatic improvement is our passion at GTP.



The College Board spends millions of dollars developing their exam questions. The know how your mind processes language, how memory privileges certain aspects of reading passages, and what mathematical miscalculations you are most likely to make. In other words, they have developed a finely tuned strategy to keep scores low. To master this exam you need a strategy to counteract their strategy. It is not enough to practice, you must practice with insight and purpose, and Gateway Test Prep can give you the tools to checkmate the College Board and beat them at their own game.
If you are preparing for the ACT in addition to the SAT, there are crucial differences that range from the substantial to the minuscule, and Gateway Test Prep can efficiently and precisely map these differences for you so you can use both tests to dramatically increase the probability of gaining admission to your dream school. Do you understand how to apply the same fundamentals of the SAT essay prompt rooted in rhetoric to the ACT essay prompt which asks you to construct your own careful argument rather than dissect another author's thesis? Do you have an annotating strategy for improving your pacing on Reading? We can help. 
You thought you were done four years ago jumping through the tedium of standardized test hoops, but here you are again on the cusp of graduate school faced with the same challenge. The GRE, despite what many university websites will contend, is a key metric not only for admission but especially for fellowship distribution. You cannot expect your g.p.a., your research experience, or even your stellar extracurriculars list to carry you across the finish line. A 99th percentile score can serve as a golden key to ensure that you are well-funded for grad school. Let us ease you through the exam and into the next crucial step of your education.

about us.

At Gateway Test Prep, all instruction will be in the hands of two expert PhDs who attended elite top 10 programs in the U.S. as ranked by the U.S. News and World Report. We have earned perfect GRE scores, published in international peer-reviewed journals, and won countless fellowships and scholarships including distinguished awards like The National Science Foundation's GRFP, which remains one of the most prestigious national fellowships in the sciences. Unfortunately, the vast majority of test prep companies use inexperienced, underpaid, and uncommitted instructors who have little control over the test material. It takes direct and unmitigated access to someone who has personally mastered these exams to ensure that you too can follow the very same path to success. At Gateway Test Prep, you will have the full attention of the founders and owners of the company; no uncommitted third parties ever deliver instruction, and we take pride and enjoyment in helping you shape a better future full of potential, opportunities, and excellence.



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