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The Owners' Scholarship 
and Fellowship Earnings 

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 National Rankings of the Owners' PHD Institutions

Work With Experts  

While pursuing academic careers, the founders of Gateway Test Prep worked as tutors on their way to becoming published authors in peer reviewed journals, nationally awarded fellowship recipients, and employees of top 10 universities. 

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"Test Optional" Headlines Are Highly Misleading

The SAT© is Critical

The SAT© is Not Fair

The SAT© is Flawed

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The SAT© is indeed arbitrary, 
and it does not measure intelligence, yet it has persisted for decades as a critical institution. Your score is powerfully correlated not just with admissions decisions, but also scholarship distribution as well as long term income.

Harvard's SAT Averages: Notice Anything?


Class of 2014 Average



Class of 2018 Average



Class of 2022 Average


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Authentic Learning
Exam Cramming

The test prep industry focuses on basic and quick question review. The problem is that most students can discern why an answer is wrong after they make that misguided decision. The point of sound practice is to change your decision making.

That takes method, logic, and authentic learning.


About Us

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At Gateway Test Prep, all instruction will be in the hands of two expert PhDs who attended elite top 10 PhD programs in the U.S. as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. We have earned perfect GRE scores, published in international peer-reviewed journals, and won countless fellowships and scholarships including distinguished awards like The National Science Foundation's GRFP, which remains one of the most prestigious national fellowships in the sciences.


Even though there is currently a very loud public discourse about the fairness of standardized tests, it is indisputable that admissions committees are still highly influenced by test scores as a metric. I myself received 18 full funding packages at the top programs in the nation because I achieved perfect scores on my GRE's. Not only was I flooded with offers, but schools even competed with each other for my candidacy, raising their funding bottom lines to convince me to choose their program. So how you study and who you study with for the SAT is a big decision.


Unfortunately, the vast majority of test prep companies use inexperienced, underpaid, and uncommitted instructors who have little control over the test material. It takes direct and unmitigated access to someone who has personally mastered the SAT to ensure that you too can follow the very same path to success. At Gateway Test Prep, you will have the full attention of the founders and owners of the company; no uncommitted third parties ever deliver instruction, and we take pride and enjoyment in helping you shape a better future full of potential, opportunities, and excellence.


The Sat© Is Still Critical

The recent headlines about the SAT are poorly worded and poorly reported. Just because a school makes the exam optional does NOT mean it is insignificant. "Test Optional" schools still consider your score.


Your SAT© Score is not just for Admission

Virtually all scholarships still ask for an SAT score, even those you apply to throughout undergrad. Scholarship committees struggle to review countless applications fairly, and your SAT score will count. So will its absence.

What do the Numbers say?

Lean into the data

Yale SAT© Average: 1520

Michigan State SAT© Average: 1190

National Average: 1051

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Our students have been admitted to elite institutions 



Private One-on-One Sessions also available! 

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